Borrower Solutions

Greece’s debt crisis and the subsequent deep and protracted recession led to a widespread inability of borrowers – companies and individuals alike – to pay back their loans.

NPA Servicing offers debt settlement services to borrowers, individuals and businesses, who face financial difficulties, through suitable solutions that are tailored to suit their true current and future financial capabilities and adhere to the strict legal framework and principles of the Code of Conduct that govern the company’s operations. We aim at reaching optimal recovery solutions through processes that are based in rules of mutual respect and cooperation between the company and the borrower.


The management of non-performing loans is governed by the Code of Conduct under Law 4224/2013, which was introduced in 2014 by the Bank of Greece, as amended and in force. In May 2021, the Revised Code of Conduct was issued by virtue of the Credit and Insurance Committee Decision no. 392/31.05.2021.

The Revised Code of Conduct establishes the general principles and the Rules of Conduct to be observed by financial institutions and borrowers and adopts best practices and procedures aimed at strengthening the climate of trust, mutual committment and exchange of necessary information between the borrower and the institutions with a view to finding settlement solutions or final settlement of debts in arrears.

NPA Servicing applies all the principles of the Code of Conduct in dealing with borrowers in financial difficulty, borrowers whose debts have fallen into arrears, and their guarantors, in accordance with the provisions of the Code.