NPA Servicing offers comprehensive NPL management services to financial institutions and investors. We aspire to maximize returns for our clients, while finding appropriate and sustainable solutions to borrowers. Our operations are governed by international best practices and in compliance with the Code of Conduct under the Law 4224/2013.

Services for financial institutions & investors

NPA Servicing provides the full range of NPL portfolio management services, including

  • Portfolio onboarding
  • Portfolio management
  • Portfolio reporting
  • Regulatory reporting
  • External network management
  • Portfolio underwriting
  • Due Diligence
  • Advisory services

Borrower solutions

Greece’s debt crisis and the subsequent deep and protracted recession led to a widespread inability of borrowers – companies and individuals alike – to pay back their loans.

NPA Servicing offers debt settlement services to borrowers, individuals and businesses, who face financial difficulties, through solutions that are tailored to suit their true current and future financial capabilities and adhere to the strict legal framework and principles of the Code of Conduct that govern the company’s operations.

We aim at reaching optimal recovery options through processes that are based on rules of mutual respect and cooperation between the company and the borrower.