The Company, as part of the policy and procedures for handling natural persons including professionals, additionally adopts a policy for handling borrowers with special health problems (such as vision, hearing, serious or long-term illness, mental problems) that justify alternative methods of communication, incorporating relevant criteria into the policy. In this context, the Company, which during Stage 1 or 2 of the DEC receives the relevant information and documentation from the borrower, adjusts the way of communication with him accordingly. In the context of the DEC claims against Natural Persons, including Professionals, a Borrower who is cooperative and for whom particular financial hardship is documented, i.e. income less than the minimum level of Reasonable Living Expenses and in the absence of his own liquid assets, his wife or his children, except for the residence in which the borrower lives and the objective value of which does not exceed the amount of one hundred and forty thousand euros (€140,000), the Company proposes, at the corresponding stage of the EC Long Term Adjustment Solution, where all obvious factors that may reasonably affect the borrower’s ability to repay (such as a high rate of disability) are taken into account for the timing and amount of installments payable.

Alternatively, if such a solution has been considered but has been ruled out as not suitable, the Company proposes a Final Settlement Solution, taking into account for its choice in this case also, the specific characteristics of the borrower and especially if there are health problems alongside the financial hardship.